Blinken Arrives in Afghanistan

On Wednesday, US president Joe Biden had a press conference in White House, Washington. He announced the US withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan which would begin from May 1. Previously, the US had agreed to withdraw its forces by May 1 but President Biden extended the deadline.


He further emphasized that a decade has passed since Osama bin Laden’s death. Therefore, the 20 years-long war should come to an end. He announced, the remaining 2500 troops will be taken back from Afghanistan within a duration from May 1 to September 11. Marking an end to the withdrawal of troops.


“And it is time to end forever war”

Moreover, Biden said that the US had gone to war with clear goals and had achieved those objectives. He added that it’s time to end the war.


Surprisingly, just a few hours after Biden announced his Decision, US secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Kabul. His purpose of arriving in Kabul is to have a meeting with President Ghani and other major political leaders.


According to Sources, He will discuss forces withdrawal and peace process in his meetings. 

However, Prior to landing in Afghanistan, Blinken was in Brussels. Blinken with the NATO allies had a discussion on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Withdrawal of troops

After meeting with NATO allies, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told that the allies agreed to the decision of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by May 1. In a joint press conference with Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Stoltenberg said that together they had gone into Afghanistan, had adjusted their posture, and were united to leave Afghanistan. 


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