Afghan national army commando unit conducted a rescue operation in the village of Kurcha in the district of Adraskan of Herat province. The operation resulted in the heroic rescue of 34 military and civilian personnel, which includes 11 ANA commandos, 7 policemen, 3 air force personnel, 5 workers of projects, 7 government employees, and 1 member of public uprising forces. During the operation 6 Taliban were killed and a large cache of Taliban’s weapons and ammo were procured that were later destroyed by the Afghan commandos.

The ANA Commando Unit

ANA commando unit has been fighting actively for the past one decade as their training and logistic is increasing as well as becoming highly efficient. ANA commando makes 7% of the Afghan national army but conducts a majority of their total operations. Herat, on the other hand, is still a warzone between the government and Taliban as the Taliban control and influence majority of the western part of the province, making it one of the most vulnerable and volatile regions of Afghanistan even though the government of Afghanistan alongside international allies have made progress in regional development in last one decade.

Previously on 15th February 2021, BNA commandos conducted a rescue operation in Baghlan province in which they rescued 42 POWs from Taliban prison.


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