Amazon Adds Pakistan to its List of Verified Sellers

On Thursday, Abdul Razak Dawood, the adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment broke the news of the Country’s long-awaited achievement. Pakistan has achieved a milestone in international e-commerce and cloud computing after years of effort. The US e-commerce giant, Amazon has now added Pakistan to its approved seller list.


Moreover, Dawood informed that Pakistan and Amazon have been engaged in making agreements for the past year. He further added, “It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs”. 

According to sources, Pakistan has officially received approval from Amazon and is now a verified Amazon seller. In the coming 12-24 hours, Amazon will release the new list of countries that are now a part of the global Amazon sellers group.

“Made in Pakistan” to go Global

After this successful inclusion into Amazon’s seller list, Pakistani products will now have access to the global market on a large scale. This is indeed a great achievement for Pakistan as it opens a new gateway of economic prospects for the country.
Subsequently, Pakistani citizens can now also open their own accounts while using their Pakistani details.

Furthermore, according to reports, The international e-commerce platform has registered an office in Pakistan under the title of ‘Amazon Data Services Pakistan (Pvt)Ltd’.

Opportunity for the Youth

Lastly, the announcement of this news brought with it a massive amount of appreciation from the Pakistani Public. The Pakistani youth showed a tremendous amount of support for Pakistan and its efforts towards development. The Amazon e-commerces agreement works best in favor of Pakistan’s future prospects. Pakistan is one of the countries with a youth bulge and a large number of citizens opting for e-commerce.



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