The Aghan post company has inaugurated and started an online service system. This new development is capable of catering to almost 150 services to facilitate the government offices and institutions. This will help revolutionize the way that The Afghan Post Company (APC) has conducted its operations since its inception.

APC’s director, Mr. Wahid Wais stated that out of multiple memoranda of understandings (MOUs), one of them is signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These MOUs will help facilitate the APC to provide services to different government institutions.

Furthermore, Mr. Wais also explained how this will help the citizens. He said that citizens would be able to log-in the company’s online system. The citizens will have a choice of how to process their documents. Later, they can pick up their documents from the nearest post office.

This initiative has ensured that APC now has the capacity to cater to various public services all around the country. This will require the physical presence of post offices in the capital and provinces. Mr. Wais emphasized the need and necessity of these 150 public services. This would ease a lot of difficulties for the citizens, especially timeliness.

In the end, he said that in order to prevent the gathering of clients and customers at one single place, this service would definitely come in handy. Afghanistan is on its way to integrate technology into its systems and this initiative is a step forward.


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