Foreign Ministers Qureshi and Atmar Discuss Afghan Peace Process Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey Hold Meeting to Discuss Afghan Peace Process

Pakistan continues to stay true to its word when it comes to pursuing peace in Afghanistan. Currently, the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey, are also meeting to improve cooperation between the three countries. The discussion will include the progress of the Afghan peace process. Furthermore, the discussion included migration issues, the revival of trade routes, and counter-terrorism efforts.

During the meeting, all parties urged the Taliban to rejoin the peace efforts. All sides also called for an immediate ceasefire. The past few weeks have seen an increase in violence, at the cost of civilian lives. Moreover, the Taliban have refused to participate in the peace talks due to the US being unable to withdraw forces by the initial May 1st deadline. As a result, the conference in Istanbul has been postponedd, until after eid.

The Taliban had agreed to conduct peace talks, if the US withdrew forces from Afghanistan by 1st May 2021. However, the Biden administration has announced an unconditional withdrawal of forces, by 11th September 2021.

At the trilateral summit in Istanbul, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey, urged the Taliban to rejoin the peace talks. During the meeting, Pakistan reiterated its support for a “peaceful, sovereign, united and democratic” Afghanistan.

Ambassador Alikhil and COAS Bajwa Discuss Peace Process

A meeting between Honorable Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil and Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa was held at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi.

The discussion included matters of mutual interest. These included regional security situation, security and defense cooperation, and effective border management. The COAS assured that the Afghanistan peace process was a priority for Pakistan. Furthermore, he said, “peace in Afghanistan, means peace in Pakistan.”

Furthermore, during the meeting, Pakistan’s support for a political and democratic solution was also stated.’



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