Taliban Afghanistan Republic's Negotiating Team to Return to Doha This Week peace process - Pak Afghan Youth Forum PAYF

In a move that comes as a positive step in the Afghan Peace Process; approximately, ten members of the Republic’s negotiating team will arrive at Doha. This is to take place in the coming days to restart the stalled discussions. However, according to a key negotiator, these talks with the Taliban should not be anticipated to generate results any time soon.

The negotiating team’s trip follows two talks with Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the National Reconciliation High Council. It also comes after two sessions in Doha with Republic negotiators and the Taliban team. One of the meetings took place with the Taliban’s deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Previously, Baradar met with negotiators for the first time on May 13 2021.

Moreover, the Taliban has recently expressed an interest in restarting discussions with Republic representatives, which have been halted.

Jabha-e-Nejat-e-Milli (Afghan National Liberation Front) commander Zabihullah Mujaddedi stated that we hope that the Taliban will agree to a cease-fire. There is no longer any justification for war as foreign forces are leaving.

Ensuring Peace, A Priority for Afghanistan

Republic negotiator Nader Nadery said that;’ on Monday or Tuesday, some of us will go (for Doha), and eventually, the entire delegation will be there.’ He added that it is a priority for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, its people, and its government to ensure peace, to make an effort to end the war, and establish a common future within the confines of Afghan achievements in recent years.

However, the Republic team feels that the Taliban will not be prepared to participate meaningfully in the upcoming Turkey meeting. They also stated that the Doha discussions will take longer than planned.

Following US President Joe Biden’s announcement that all of his forces will leave the country by September 11, the Doha talks have been delayed again, extending the May 1 deadline set in the US-Taliban agreement.

Subsequently, Nader Nadery said it would be too soon to expect a result in a month or so. As was the same case in other peace processes. However, the two meetings of the negotiators this month created hope on the Republic side for a renewed Peace Process.


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