On Friday, Iran-based Afghan refugees won the 15th women’s Volleyball championship which was held in Kabul, Afghanistan. In the championship, the Ariana team stood first, and Herat came second. Whereas, the Kabul municipality and Red crescent teams remained third and fourth.

The finals that took place last week, was between, Ariana volleyball club and the women volleyball team from Herat. The Iran-based Afghan refugees were representing the Ariana team. They won with a victory of 3-2 after a tough competition.

In the semi-finals, Herat played against the Red Crescent team and snatched victory by 3-0. Similarly, Iran-based Afghan refugees defeated the Kabul municipality team.

Women’s volleyball federation head and members from each team spoke with the media and shared their feelings about the championship.

The women’s volleyball federation greatly appreciated the media coverage. Zahra Fayazi, a representative of the federation acknowledged that this would indeed inspire many girls. Not only this but seeing this on television would also be a source of encouragement.

Moreover, the Ariana team gave similar remarks. The team was ecstatic about winning the championship. Fatima, a team member stated that she wanted to further pursue this talent in her own country. She expressed a desire to showcase women’s capabilities.

Moreover, Mursal who represented Kabul municipality team said that matches this year were tougher and more professional than last year and every individual team had potential.



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