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Turkey is all set to host peace talks for Afghanistan. Afghan foreign minister Haneef Atmar had a call with his counterpart, to discuss the Afghan peace talk. Both sides hope that they’ll be able to find a political solution.

Meeting in Turkey

“Atmar praised Turkey’s readiness to host the next round of Afghan peace talks as a valuable and trusted friend and stressed the need to increase contacts and consultations on the goals, agenda, participants, and outcomes of the conference.” This statement came one day after the telephonic conversation where they talked about bilateral and regional between the two foreign ministers.

Cavusolgu said, “Both the Taliban and the negotiation delegation, meaning the government side, had asked us to host such a meeting before.” He further said, “One of the most important actors in Afghanistan.”

Meetings on the Afghan Peace Plan are scheduled to be held in Istanbul, Turkey in April.

Meeting in Turkey will happen after meeting in Russia on March 18th, 2021. Furthermore, Afghanistan has announced that it will take part in both events in Russia and Turkey.

The United States has recently sent a proposal on peace to Afghan government and Taliban as well. Moreover, it mentioned that it is time for Afghanistan to heal from the decades-long conflict and instability.


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