In the contemporary situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban restated their demand for the removal of the US troops from Afghanistan but on the opposite, the Afghan government wants to rely upon the shoulders of NATO forces in instructing, helping, and aiding the mission.  About two days earlier, NATO called out a meeting for deciding the existence of the foreign troops in Afghanistan in the presence of all allies. According to some sources, there are approximately 8000 NATO forces troops and 2500 US-based service members deployed in Afghanistan.

NATO’s Decision

The decision on the presence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan is not yet decided but the Afghan government wishes that NATO ministers will decide in continuing the support for the training and assistance of the Afghan forces, told by the spokesperson of the president, Fatima Morchal. On the other side of the story, the Taliban are against the presence of the international forces in Afghanistan demanding the withdrawal of troops along with the exclusion of the Taliban’s names from the blacklist. This is a complex matter as it demands consensus not only from the Afghan government but also from the members of the UNSC, most importantly the mutual consensus of the 5 veto powers.

The peace talks and negotiations held at Doha should be resumed, from the hiatus of the past 29 days, by both parties of this agreement. The decision should be taken keeping in view the future interests of the Afghanistan and stability of this region which has been at war for years.


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