About PAYF

About PAYF

Pak Afghan Youth Forum is a non-profit public diplomacy initiative aimed at providing a common platform to the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both countries share a unique history along with the deeply entrenched commonalities and borders, providing a strong basis for a shared future amid emerging geo-economic trends along the Silk Roads.

Vision & Mission

We are storytellers, poets, academics, researchers and experts from Pakistan and Afghanistan; bringing together the people of both countries together for a shared future.

Our mission is to create corridors; cultural, economic, religious, knowledge and entertainment, connecting our peoples from all societal domains for enhancing people-to-people and state-to-state relationship to explore our shared future together.


  • To adopt an inclusive approach towards Pak-Afghan people-to-people contact.
  • To create corridors for knowledge sharing, trade, and cultural exchange between the two countries.
  • To highlight commonalities between Pak-Afghan masses to explore mutual interests.
  • Adopting a solution-oriented approach to the shared problems ensuring problem-solving viable for the on-ground realities.