A process of gathering and finalization of peace plan and perspective is going on in the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) under the chairmanship of previous Afghan Vice President Mohammad Younus Qanooni and with Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib, the State Minister on Peace Affairs and other political leaders. The committee consisted of fifteen members of HCNR.

More than 25 Peace Proposals

Moreover, the negotiators are provided with information regarding the agenda. Although, only after the mutual acceptance of the proposal, the public will be informed. There are more than twenty-five peace proposals that have been presented to unify by HCNR.

Confirmation of the Date

The conference will take place in Turkey. However, confirmation of the date is under process. It is said that the US Peace envoy representative Zalmay has informed the media that it has been discussed in the meeting of Doha with the negotiation teams. They also said that they are working on compiling the peace proposals to make a final draft by the end of the week.

Ambiguity for HCNR

The details of what was given to the council are a little vague. Yet, President Ashraf Ghani has three points; firstly, making peace with the Taliban and holding talks with them. Secondly, sustaining peace that hints for the transitional government and thirdly, durable peace that lasts post-transitional government situations. While others may vary in their ideas to hold peace in the region and do not agree with Ashraf Ghani’s views.

Moreover, according to Qatari sources, Zalmay Khalilzad sent a letter to other representatives of the peace deal. This included the Afghan republics and the Taliban. This letter is to inform the date of the Turkey conference on Afghanistan. Sources stated that both parties were in Doha regarding the summit agenda. However, both have not yet commented regarding the facts of it.


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