The World Bank has approved an additional $25 million under the program Global Partnership for Education (GPE). This will help in providing for the education of Afghan girls in their primary and secondary education. This is another step towards educating Afghanistan in its true essence.

Additional funds will be used to build 100 schools and to ensure equitable and efficient learning throughout. This will also help in training the teachers for the campaigning of community-based education.

Henry Kerali, World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan has appreciated the will of Afghanistan to educate itself. He said that the country has made so much progress in the previous 2 decades. Even then, 3.5 million children are still not getting any sort of education. The infrastructural problems in some of the schools render them incapable of polishing the skills of students.

Kerali also said this additional funding would be an asset for the government. It would also help in creating an effective learning environment. This would also help in enrolling more children into this program, and furthermore, these children would resultantly help Afghanistan wherever it is needed.

Educating girls and giving them the skills they need is one of the smartest investments a country can make. Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer of GPE commented that girls’ education help boost economic growth and improve child nutrition.


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